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Rulebricks helps teams add remarkably powerful decision-making capabilities to any automated business process.

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The rule engine for modern businesses

Go further with Rulebricks

Manage complex, mission-critical decisions in the tools your business is already using, and better audit and improve how these decisions are made.

Capture every decision
Row schedules, local hit policies, & row/group priorities help you efficiently model every decision.
Generate forms & calculators
Turn rules into sharable forms that can collect data from your users and display their results.
Built for the cloud
Auto-scaling, high availability, and zero setup– no software to install & no servers to manage.
Collaborate with your team
Invite your team to view and collaborate on your rules in real-time.
No code required
Create rules of all kinds with a simple, but comprehensive visual editor.
Test your rules
Run your rules against sample data to ensure they work as expected.

Separate rules from runtimes

Many workflow builders and automation tools have support for adding logic to your processes, but get complicated quick.

Rulebricks separates decision-making logic from your workflows, giving you a clear visual interface to manage the changing rules that drive your business.

Get more out of your automation tools

Rulebricks enables you to build more powerful automations without needing to write code or depend too heavily on limited support for decision-making logic.

Easily edit important decisions

Allow teammates unfamiliar with your workflow tools to understand and change how your business makes particular decisions without having to mess with scripts or automation tools.

Understand why decisions were made

Capture a rich history of how decisions in your business are being made, including the inputs, the rule that was applied, and the exact conditions that were met.

Your simplest integration yet

Connect our rule engine to your business for completely free and with just a few clicks, and immediately access smarter workflows and increased visibility into your processes.

Platform integrations

We're working on a growing library of simple integrations with tools like Zapier and Make, so you can start building smarter, faster business processes without writing a single line of code.

Developer API

Publish rules and send JSON data to a straightforward rule solver API endpoint in minutes. Specify custom response schemas and get back the results of your rules exactly the way you need them.

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Rulebricks is the simplest way to give your business an edge with automated decision-making.

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